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From: Mark Friedman
Subject: Everything You Hoped ForThis story involves sex between consenting minor brothers. If, for any
reason, you or your legal guardian/your Significant Other/the law would
have any problems with you reading this, then it's best for you to leave
now (and if you're one of those prudes who objects to gay sex in any form,
then one wonders why you're here at this site in the first place).This story is completely fictional, and, as with any such work of fiction,
any resemblance to any place, event, or person (living or dead) is purely
coincidental.Copyright is to me, and may not be reproduced without my prior permission.Comments can be sent to me at (flames will just
be ignored!)~Mark****My brother Corey turned 12 today. I sat quietly in the background as he had
his birthday party, then helped my mom clean up (who'd have thought that a
dozen 11 and 12 year olds could make that much of a mess?). Later that
evening, he came in to my room."Hey, Andrew, thanks for the CD!" he said.I'd given him the latest CD from his favorite band. "Not a problem," I
said. "So, you get everything you'd hoped for?""Pretty much," he Lolita Dorki Rompl said."'Pretty much'? What would you still like?" I asked."I'd like..." he started, but turned his head away and blushed. "Nah, it's
not important.""Not important? Dude, it's not every day a guy turns 12." When he still
didn't answer, I said, "C'mon, can't you tell your own brother?" We'd
always been close, despite me being 4 years older, and often told each
other things that we felt no one else could know. For example, he's the
first person who learned I'm gay, and he also knew when I'd lost my
virginity to a friend 3 years before."I...want some sex," he finally said."Well, if that's what you want, I could hook you up with a couple of girls
I know from school," I said, eyeing him. A few hairs on his upper lip that
I'd noticed a while back told me he'd already hit puberty, so I guess I
shouldn't have been surprised. "That is, if you don't mind making out with
someone who's slept around a lot.""That's not the kind of sex I want," he said quietly, hanging his head.It took a moment for what he'd said to register with me. "You want sex with
a guy," I said, and he nodded. "Well, that might be a bit more difficult to
pull off," I said after a moment. "The only other gay guys I know aren't
exactly into making out with 12 year olds, no matter how horny they might
be or how good looking the 12 year old is." That was certainly true - the
only other gays I knew were even older than my 16 years, and viewed anyone
Corey's age more as jailbait than lover."What about you?" he said.He said it so quietly at first I could hardly be sure Lolita Dorki Rompl of what he said, but
then he looked up at me, a pleading in his eyes, and I knew that I hadn't
misunderstood."Me?" I said. "You sure you wouldn't want to do it with someone else? I
could ask around. It might take a little time, but I'm sure I could find
someone who'd be willing to make out with you.""You don't have to," he said. "Have sex with me, that is," he quickly
added. "But I've been having...urges lately, towards girls, but towards
guys, too. I just want to know what it's like to have sex with a guy."I gazed at him for a few moments. I'd never really thought about having sex
with my own brother before. The idea seemed a little strange, but didn't
bother me as much as I thought it would. If both were willing, why not?I finally smiled. "All right," I said. "If it makes your birthday
complete..."He broke into a huge grin and practically jumped into my arms. "Thank you,
thank you, thank you!" he almost shouted.I laughed, and said, "You're welcome, but try not to be so loud. We don't
want mom and dad to wonder what's going on in here, now do we?"Still grinning, he shook his head no. "So what do we do?" he asked."Well, first of all we've got to strip," I said after shutting the bedroom
door. "It's kind of hard to have sex fully dressed."We began pulling our clothes off. Since we'd had separate rooms for years,
we hadn't been naked in front of each other since we were small, so I
wondered a bit as to what he looked like now. Soon he and I were in nothing
more than our briefs, and Corey smiled a bit nervously at me.I walked over to him. Putting my hands on his shoulders, I said, "Now, you
sure you want this? Here, now, with me?""Yeah, I do," he said."Anything in particular you want to do?""I hear that when two guys screw, one sometimes sticks his dick up the butt
of the other," he said. "I'd like your dick up my butt, Andrew.""Yeah, we can do that," I said. "But I should warn you - it can sometimes
hurt a little at first.""That's all right. And could we suck too?"I nodded, and I pulled off my briefs, and Corey's eyes widened as he saw my
hardening dick. "Wow," he said quietly.He bent down and looked at it, slowly reaching out his hand towards it, but
pulling back just before touching it. He looked up at me, as if asking for
my permission."Go ahead," I said.He reached out again and slowly started stroking my dick and balls. After
he'd stroked for a few moments, I said, "You can keep doing that if Lolita Dorki Rompl
want, Lolita Dorki Rompl
but I was under the impression you wanted to go farther.""Oh, right," he said, pulling off his own briefs. His limp dick hung there,
and I took a good look at it and his balls. They weren't as big as mine, of
course, but I suspected they would be some day. There were a few hairs
around them."Sit down," I told him, and he did so.I crouched down in front of him and spread his legs apart. Leaning forward,
I took his dick into my mouth and started sucking. He started moaning as
his dick got hard. I sucked for a while, then pulled up when I sensed he
was close to coming.Sitting down next to him, I said, "You want to try that on me now?"He nodded and got down in front of me. He slowly leaned forward and put his
mouth around my cock (or as much of it as he could fit into his mouth,
anyway) and started sucking."Mmmm," I said, running my hands through his unruly brown hair.He sucked for a few minutes, then pulled up. "Don't want you to come too
quickly, now do we?" he asked me with a grin."No, we don't," I said, grinning back."Now, time for the main event," I said. "Sit on my lap."He got onto me, positioning himself in such a way that his butthole was
directly over my erection. He then lowered himself down while I aimed my
dick. He stopped just as his butthole was pressing onto the tip of my dick,
holding it in place. I released my dick and he took a deep breath as we
made eye contact."You ready?" I asked."I hope so," he said. "Your dick's bigger than I thought it would be. I
hope it won't hurt too Lolita Dorki Rompl
bad.""You know I'd never intentionally hurt you," I assured him, and he nodded
in agreement."But still, I'm not sure I can go through with this now," he said
quietly. "I'm not sure I can take you.""I'll help you," I said. "It'll hurt at first, but soon it'll feel good.""Right," he said, not sounding Lolita Dorki Rompl fully convinced.When he didn't move down any, I quietly reached up behind him. "Corey, I
just want to know that I love you," I said.The next moment I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed down hard. He
was unprepared, so there was no resistance as he was fully impaled on my
erection in less than three seconds. He yelped out, in pain, and I wrapped
my arms around him and held him to me. He wrapped his arms around me as
well, resting his head on my shoulder, and we held each other tightly while
his body shuddered as it reacted to the sudden, massive intrusion into his
anal region. I rocked him gently as I whispered into his ear that it would
be all right.Soon the shaking and whimpering stopped, and I knew he Lolita Dorki Rompl was ready to
proceed. I gently maneuvered us around so that we were laying on the bed,
with me on top of him. As I gazed into his eyes, I kissed him. Then I
pulled my dick partway out and pushed it back into him. I repeated the
process, going slowly to let him get used to it. Corey wrapped his arms and
legs around me, pulling me deep into him. I nuzzled his neck and ear,
inhaling his scent."Faster," he soon whispered into my ear, and I picked up the pace.I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation of my dick sliding in and out of
Corey's tight butt. I'd only taken someone's anal virginity twice, both a
long time before, and I'd practically forgotten what it felt like. Corey
kissed my neck and shoulder, his erection throbbing between us. Several
minutes after I started thrusting into him, he reached his climax, and
started ejaculating. It only lasted a few moments, but it left him in pure
ecstasy. Once he finished coming, I held back no longer, and I exploded
into my little brother."I love you, big brother," he said quietly when I was spent."I love you too, little brother.""Can I sleep with you tonight?""Of course you Lolita Dorki Rompl
can."We got between the covers, and he put his head on my shoulder. I put my
arms around him and held him tight as we fell asleep.
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